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Childcare Curriculum in Schererville, IN

For over 10 years Premier Childcare has provided a safe learning environment for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Our exclusive programs build self esteem, nurture development and inspire imagination.
Whatever the age group, the same creative thought and interest goes into everything we do at Premier. When choosing curriculum for Premier programs, our Curriculum Coordinators and Lead Teachers use the developmentally appropriate standard for all age groups. Children grow and progress in an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring. They are challenged to try new things, but never pressured to do more than they're ready for.
infant - Childcare in Schererville, IN
Caring for infants on a day to day basis present wonderful opportunities to foster their physical, cognitive, sensory, social and emotional growth. Early foundations for our curriculum are introduced during this period. Every detail has been meticulously planned from the design of the infant room, to the selection of equipment, toys, curriculum and activities, to the screening and training of the infant caregivers.
As a parent you are looking for a safe, loving environment with caregivers that develop a strong connection with your baby. By connecting with warm, caring adults at the start of life, children begin developing the ability to connect with others throughout life.
Young Learners (Toddlers Through Age 2)
todds - Childcare in Schererville, IN
The Young Learner stage is a time of so much growth and development. We know that toddlers are striving for independence and self esteem. Experiencing new activities and successfully completing tasks are very important to them. At Premier we provide an environment so that your toddler may enjoy many new activities and social experiences. These will help strengthen coordination and motor development while introducing problem solving.
Premier's curriculum provides daily, themed related age appropriate activities to help toddlers learn about themselves and how they fit into the world around them. We match your child's energy level and provide gentle guidance for your busy toddler, balancing social interaction and individual attention.
transition - Childcare in Schererville, IN
When a child begins going potty to the toilet on a regular basis, and the parent and teacher agree that the child is socially, physically and emotionally ready to move into a new classroom environment, the child will enter our Transition classroom. The teachers in this classroom are prepared to handle any "potty accidents" which may occur in the classroom. The Transition room is specifically designed to meet the needs of our maturing two and a half year old and young threes. During this stage of development there is a rapid increase in physical, cognitive, developmental and social skills. The Transition classroom provides a balanced curriculum to meet the needs of these developing children as well as sets the foundation for learning in the preschool classrooms.
preschool - Childcare in Schererville, IN
Our preschool program is designed to recognize, encourage and help develop the skills your child needs for learning success. The preschool classes are split into three separate classrooms based on age as well as social, physical and cognitive development. We value each child's strengths and abilities and work to challenge their natural curiosity daily through a variety of learning centers.
pre-k - Childcare in Schererville, IN
Here at Premier we provide a Pre-K program that offers specially designed learning areas especially for kindergarten readiness. Our program uses the State of Indiana's Academic Standards for Kindergarten as the building blocks of our Pre-K curriculum. Our Pre-K environment encourages open exploration and discovery through teacher guided child directed activities.
School-Age Children
School age children - Schererville, IN - Premier Childcare
Premier Childcare proudly runs a very large after school program. We provide transportation to all of the Lake Central Schools. Each day the children arrive at Premier after school. We serve snacks, and immediately begin homework. The teachers in the classroom work very hard to make your child feel successful with their school work.

During school breaks including individual days off school, we have a full schedule for your child!! During winter, spring, and summer breaks we offer weekly field trips to keep your child busy and having a great time.